Thursday, November 27, 2008

They are illegal aliens, they are criminals, they are making a mockery of our judicial system because Judges like yourself are afraid of being called "racists." Your fear is turning this country into a lawless frontier. This nation was founded on laws, rules and justice for the American people and Judges like yourself who side with the law breakers should be disbarred.
mother of Carl E. Molinaro
murdered on Sept. 11,2001 by Islamic Terrorists
J. M.
Hawley, PA.

From a Retired, Senior Special Agent USINS
Enough with this PC BS. Illegal alien is a legal term that perfectly describes the immigration status of an individual who is not a US citizen and is not authorized to be in the US.
A. A. S, Jr
Centereach, NY

T. J. C. Jr
Flower Mound TX

S. K.
Coeur D’Alene, ID

Jacksonville, OR

“I am a San Diego Minuteman and the Mexican Reconquesta collectivist supporters of illegal immigration and illegal aliens call me racist for holding an American flag during rallies and protests. My point is that Americans don't want these illegal alien supporters like La Raza and MECHA, etc., influencing judges as to what terminology we citizens have to use for "illegal aliens".
Stick to the law, don't make laws, Judge!”
T. J. T.
Vista CA

“I'm OUTRAGED at this ROGUE judge.
If you take the side of ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS over Americans you are a traitor, guilty of high treason. FIRE THIS JUDGE ASAP!”
M. W.
Hermosa Beach CA

C. B.
San Diego CA

C. S.
Coronado, CA

D. R.
Round Rock, TX

“What ever happened to the United State of America? We speak English and we call it the way we see it! If you are here legally, there is nothing to be ashamed of and we welcome you, but if not then we should call it what it is! “Breaking & Entering!” We have to stop coddling the law breakers and start punishing them!”
K. B.
Escondido CA

B. R. J.
Encinitas, CA

R. N. N.
Birmingham, AL

R. W .
Bakersfield, CA

S. & D. D.
San Diego, CA

R. J. H.
Van Nuys, CA

B. J. M.
Myrtle Beach SC

L. S. J.
Portland, OR

D. D.
Elizabeth, PA

J. D. P .
Decatur AL

E. E. E.
San Diego CA

Our country is disappearing quickly, one of the main reasons is the liberal judges. There will be a revolt by the American people to take back this country, I hope its in my life time. I'm 70 years old
W. D. V
Lexington KY

When the courts resort to using politically correct language rather than using clear, unambiguous English, United States citizens suffer for an agenda that has never been in our best interests.

It is exactly this kind of assininity that persuaded us to move from our Arizona residence of 37 years, selling our home at a loss, for an area where common sense seems to prevail.

As friends (and relatives) of Arizona citizens still subject to this foolish disregard for truth and justice, we add our names to the complaint.
D. & J. H
Lubbock TX

J. D. R.
Monroe OR.

H. A. W
Olalla WA

Please remove this pandering, incompetent judge from the bench immediately.
R. E. D
San Diego CA

The First Amendment is sacred. Referring to illegal aliens by their correct name is not a curse word. Only curse words should be discouraged out of the courtroom.
I am a U.S. citizen of Hispanic heritage and I think pro illegal alien organizations are abusing the Civil Rights movement and the patience of the American people.
Illegal aliens are lawbreakers and they are not "undocumented" immigrants. I will go as far as calling them thieves, since they abuse our social services while they are here illegally.
Organizations like "Los Abogados" are an embarrassment to loyal American citizens of Hispanic heritage. Giving in to these individuals is not the correct behavior for a judge.
Mrs. H. P.
Laguna Woods, CA

R. K.
Sheridan, WY

N. F
Castle Rock, CO.

Dr. D. D.
Lexington, KY

R. H.
Hanska, MN

I am so fed up with "political correctness" and how it has affected the discussion and dealing with so many issues too numerous to list. Whatever happened to truth, accuracy and good old common sense?! I would be glad to be signed on to the complaint as a Friend of Arizona.
R. S. H
Lemon Grove, CA

Is Justice Gregor heading up an new judicial command as the leader of the "Speech Police"? Where do we draw the line, what becomes hate or derogatory, who determines it and what methods will be used to define "OK words" and "not OK" words? Shall we soon be issued citations from the Speech Police for using the PERFECTLY appropriate term of illegal alien to refer to those who come to stay and/or work in our country without our knowledge or approval? And what is this complaint that "no human being is illegal"? That is the most ridiculous chant of the pro-illegal alien and pro-open border camp. Americans will have lost the very crucible of what and who we are FREEDOM OF SPEECH is the very heart and soul of this nation.
I am a resident of California and I am a "Friend of Arizona."
L. P. H
San Diego CA

L. E. D.
Tacoma, WA

Activist judges who make law and interpret law according to their own passions, opinions and prejudices do not serve the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the interests of preserving the rule of law, JusticeMcGregor should be removed from the bench. Her conduct is beyond egregious.
L. M. S.
Nine Mile Falls, WA

Dr. S. M.
Newport Beach, CA

E. L. H.
Raleigh, NC

E. A
San Diego CA

J. R.
Versailles, KY

Changing terminology does not change the fact that if you are in the country illegally, then you are an illegal alien. NOT immigrant, not undocumented anything (they have plenty of stolen and forged documents). This has nothing at all to do with their humanity! Get over it! If I sneak into another country (because of the "freebies" – (whoops I mean grass is better there), then I am in that country ILLEGALLY! Again, get over it! Hmmmmm, here's a few you might like:
Bank Robber: Unauthorized Borrower
Drug Dealer: Unlicensed Freelance Pharmacist
Burglar: Uninvited Houseguest
Gangster: Membership Card Holder
Murderer: Euthanasia Technician
Coyote: Transportation Coordinator
Kidnapper: Entrepreneurial Fundraiser
L. H.
Columbus, OH

T. & R. C.
Livingston TX

Only by making as public an example as possible of her despicable pandering to a racist organization and applying the full punishment permitted by law will the credibility and integrity of the judicial system be restored and similar future behavior prevented.
E. H. Jr.
Shohomish WA

M. D.
Southampton, PA

L. & N. H.
Rancho Mirage, CA

H. T. S.
Los Alamitos, CA

"Justice"?? McGregor. This leftist tyrant has no business in dispensing justice because she doesn't know what justice is. She is a disgrace to the legal profession. She has adopted the arbitrary tactics of those who want to silence opposition to their support of illegal aliens in this country. She ought to be impeached.
Stop violating the needs of the community and the country and follow the law. Show your love of country and our heritage by doing the right thing, which is to protect the citizens by following the law and not making new laws from the bench. Kick out the illegal aliens from our country by ruling against them and stop listening to the crummy Hispandering "abogados" and their lies.
G. B.
Los Angeles, CA

C. L.
South Pasadena, CA

J. C.
San Diego, CA

J. P.
San Diego, CA

J. R
Murrieta, CA

This is America and not Mexico or any other country. Mexico's illegal alien laws are ten times more severe than the illegal alien laws in America and no one, I repeat no one from any group should be telling American judges what they can and can't use as far as illegal alien status is concerned. Any judge that accepts this type of cooercion should be disbarred permanently. Stop being politically correct, or a coward and get a back bone!!! Stand up for America, NOT Mexico!
P. S
Cheney, WA

My husband and I are outraged by the destruction of the civil rights of the American citizen. This is one more nail in the coffin to destroy the United States Constitution!!!
W. & W. W

Dr. H. G
Anaheim, CA

J. H. F.
Baileyville, ME

K. O.
Macclesfield, NC

K. C.
Chicago, IL

P. E.
Nuevo, CA

I'm a veteran of WWII and grandfather of 9 grandchildren. As veterans we served our Country to preserve its freedom which we see slipping away as we witness the "Liberal" leaders giving it away
R. D. .
Birmingham, AL

J. H.
Santa Monica CA

M. B.
Helena, MT

C. E. J.
San Jose, CA

F. K. B.
Joshua Tree, CA

E. M
Irvine, CA

Anyone who considers the words "illegal" and "alien" as discriminatory must not have read any law books as these words are legal terminology. It is absurd to want to "prettify" legal documents
P. N.
Arcadia, CA

I very much disagree with your ruling. Illegal aliens are just that and we do not need to call them anything else.
F. H.
Trussville, Al.

These out-of-control justices need to know that We The People will not tolerate their actions any longer. And it's time we better tell them rather than just whining among ourselves!
E. G.
Philipsburg Montana

J. McG
Wellington, New Zealand

R. A.
San Jose, CA

P. A
Glendale, CA

We don't need Judges legislating from the bench!
B. & S. S
Crawfordsville IN

This is just one more example of unelected judges eroding our freedom of speech, and it is unacceptable. Whether or not someone is 'offended" by a word, Americans still have the first amendment right to say what they choose. This is an abomination, all of this activism to curtail our Constitutional right to free speech! This judge has no right to make that call.
P. A.
Glendale, CA

W. D.
Morristown, TN

M. H.
Hesperia, CA

Political language (...) is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
P. N.
Bozeman, Montana

These judges forget who invented the law in the first place and established that we will live under laws and not men. The seeds of judicial tyranny must not take root.
G. H. B. S.
Enid, OK

Calling an ILLEGAL ALIEN an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a DRUG DEALER an "unlicensed pharmacist." Political correctness completely undermines the Truth and contravenes the First Amendment.
B. S.
Asheville, NC

T. O.
Los Altos Hills, CA

M. B.
St. Paul, MN

Judge McGregor has overstepped her authority when she tacitly approved of the "request" by the lawyers guild to control the official language of the court. And by passing this letter on to the other judges, she gave the nod to this blatant example of self-serving, arrogant contempt for the dignity of the court as the dispenser of "blind justice" as exemplified in our sovereign US Constitution and our laws. Clearly, her purpose was to put pressure on the other judges with her tacit approval.
This is entirely unacceptable. Judge McGregor should be reprimanded and removed from her position as the Chief Judicial Officer for Arizona.
J. S.
Atlanta, GA

J. C.
Glen Ridge, NJ

I have had it with these racist groups trying to change legal terminology. The definition of an immigrant is "a lawful permanent resident" someone who sneaks across the border does not fit that definition. The definition of an alien " a stranger" ergo illegal alien.
S. G. .
Venice, CA

K. L.
Visalia, CA

C. L.
South Pasadena, CA

N. G.
Easley SC

K. W.
Portage, MI

I protest the substance of Justice McGregor's kowtow to race hustlers and to it's chilling effect on free speech and
effective advocacy.
R. J. C.
Spokane, WA.

Oh, most definitely add me! They're ILLEGALLY here, they are ALIENS... get over the PC terminology! And one more thing: WE WANT OUR LAWS ENFORCED WITH NO, I REPEAT NO SHAMNESTY!
C. B. K
Benson NC

I am so sick and tired of these judges taking away the rights of American citizens at the merest suggestion of lawyers and other countries.
Mrs. P. J.
Edgewood MD

B. K.
Waxhaw, NC

J. C. H.
Hawthorne, CA

R. M.
Clarington PA

Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor is guilty of subversion of the rule of law, specifically, violation of the First and Fifth Amendment rights of American citizens; of giving preferential legal treatment to illegal aliens; and of conspiring, with "Los Abogados" ( aka “the Hispanic Bar Association”), to obstruct justice, in violation of all applicable Arizona state and U.S. federal laws.
Rockaway Beach Station

E. K.
San Jose, CA

M. H.
Hesperia CA

C. L.
Yorba Linda CA

Mr. & Mrs. G. K
San Antonio, TX

Justices should not operate as closet activitists. It strikes me that McGregor is allowing herself to be used as a tool of the ethnic Hispanic lobby. If she wants to work as an activist, she should resign her job and do so.
Dr. J. J.
Alexandria VA

D. J. M.
Omaha NE

Normally, I would applaud someone who made the attempt to phrase something so that it would not unnecessarily hurt someone but not at the expense of honesty. When you refuse to recognize that someone entered the U.S. illegally, you are refusing to recognize the law of the U.S. that says they do not have the right to do this, it is wrong, it is breaking the law. Therefore, the person who entered the U.S. illegally is an illegal alien. That is just the facts of the situation.
I am sorry you, in the top of our legal system, has such an illogical sense of this situation. To make matters worse, you are using your own personal opinion instead of the law. You should at this point in your career realize that you (as a judge) must be able to put aside your own personal ideas and follow the law of the United States... NOT to move forward your personal opinions and agendas. Apparently, you cannot do that and therefore you really are not doing your job and should step down or be taken off the bench.
L. M. M.
Fresno, CA

I am joining this complaint, because I recognize the serious threat to our government, by the establishment of what is clearly bad precedent.
M. M.
Warwick, RI

The attempt by Justice McGregor to subvert the use of plain language in courts of law to describe illegal activities as illegal is shocking and outrageous.
R. S.
Ashburn, VA

I would like to be included on the complaint because I support using the words "Illegal Aliens" which is exactly what those aliens who are within our borders illegally are: ILLEGAL ALIENS!. I am also against the racist "Hispanic" groups who support and encourage illegal migration - they and their supporters are enemies within and should be deported along with all the Illegal Aliens!
K. W.
Salt Lake City, UT